Autor(es): Vários
Ano: 2018

"Alguns Desafios da Política de Concorrência no Século XXI” - Luis Cabral, Professor na New York University - Stern School of Business, slides
“Competition effect on innovation and productivity - The Portuguese case” - Anabela Santos, Michele Cincera, Paulo Neto e Maria Manuel Serrano, slides
“Measuring the Benefits and Costs of Intermediation in Vertical Relations” - Javier D. Donna, Pedro Pereira, Tiago Pires e Andre Trindade, slides
“Of Course Collusion Should be Prosecuted. But Maybe… Or (The case for international antitrust agreements)” - Filomena Garcia, Jose Manuel Paz y  Miño e Gustavo Torrens, slides
“Product market competition and gender discrimination” - Dudley Cooke, Ana P. Fernandes e Priscila Ferreira, slides